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Geithner Sees “Economic Improvement” As Mortgage Delinquencies Hit All Time High

Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, has banned all physical contact between citizens of Uganda in a desperate attempt to stop the spread of an outbreak of the ebola virus. fourteen people have already died from the disease, which kills nine out of ten people who become infected.

 · It has hit a good portion of the workforce. Problem is that it hasn’t hit all. Low wage earners have seen significant wage inflation as well as a good portion of the skilled workforce. It will come, it’s inevitable. And it will always be below the cost of living until you balance trade.

 · It is not coincidental that the Dow Jones Industrials went up more than 10% during the month or that gold hit one all-time high after another. stock markets rise when a currency is being devalued. All commodities are priced in U.S. dollars, so all else being equal; a commodity’s price has to go up when the dollar falls.

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Geithner Sees "Economic Improvement" As Mortgage Delinquencies Hit All Time High So as Wells preannounces and takes the market ever higher in the context of accelerating California home foreclosures, increasing credit card rates and delinquencies, record unemployment, tight consumer credit, mortgage rates that had fallen and are since.

The Baltic Dry Index had its second day of gains, up 68 points to 3,475. conference board reported consumer confidence continued to slide this month, down from 49.3 last month to 46.6 this month. And the Case-Shiller home price index rose for the first time since July 2006.

We have never before witnessed a stock market rally of this magnitude over such a short time frame and absent anything more than tentative signs of economic improvement. The only rally of this magnitude was the wild bear market rally ride in 1930, which was followed by a resumption of the decline that finally bottomed 82% lower in 1932.

In the midst of millions riding the waves of the real estate reckoning, even more ordinary Americans are facing the rising tide of credit card APRs. In fact, according to new data, the average credit card interest rate has recently climbed to an all-time high, with averages hovering just below 15%.

 · Indonesia has a lot going for it, including an abundance of natural resources and a robust consumer sector. But corruption is endemic-and expensive. It.

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