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Wells Fargo Exits Wholesale Reverse Mortgage

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At the time, the reference was to the then-common practice. according to the nation’s two largest reverse mortgage lenders, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, both of which have tapped out of the.

Wells Fargo has reversed itself on reverse mortgages. The bank, one of two biggest providers. He expects any slack created by his bank’s and Bank of America’s exits to be taken up by other lenders..

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Back in February Bank of America did the same thing, and in March Wells took reverse mortgages away from wholesale (brokers) and has been originating them only through its own branches. In 2010.

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FHA home equity conversion mortgages (known as reverse mortgages) and FHA Title I loans (financing. or suspends your mortgage payments while money is short. For example, Wells Fargo and LoanDepot.

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Selling a Home That Has a Reverse Mortgage The largest reverse mortgage lender in the country, Wells Fargo has 26.2% market share according to the latest data from Reverse Market Insight. In April, it endorsed 1,317 reverse mortgages, and its annual total for 2010 came to 16,213 HECM units.

Bank of America announced in February 2011 that it would exit the reverse mortgage business, and Wells Fargo made a similar announcement later that year. Wells Fargo originated more than 16,000 reverse mortgages in the prior year. Bank of America stated that reverse mortgages were not part of the company’s "core" business at the time.

Wells Fargo’s exit from reverse mortgages. In another major shakeup for our industry, Wells Fargo announced today it’s plans to cease offering reverse mortgages after June 30th or the end of this month. There were rumblings of change this winter when Wells announced the closure of their wholesale reverse mortgage operations in March.

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