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With hurricane season looming, Trump is blocking relief funds and mocking Puerto Rico

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 · With Hurricane Season Looming, Trump Is blocking relief funds and mocking puerto rico nathalie Baptiste It Takes More Than a Hurricane to Sway Some Voters In This Texas Election

U.S. Speaker of the house paul ryan said Monday that Congress was committed to relief efforts in Puerto Rico, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria last week. "The stories and images coming out.

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By Manuel Madrid, The American Prospect More than a year after being authorized by Congress, $20 billion of recovery funds for Puerto Rico remain in bureaucratic limbo, giving rise to a blame game among Trump administration officials and officials on the island.

One thing that is getting a lot of discussion among Republicans is how long to have a transition period between the current system, and whatever Republicans are able to get through the Congress, and.

Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Trump plans to stop disaster relief funds to Puerto Rico”. Below is an excerpt from the article . President Donald Trump reportedly plans to stop financial aid to millions of Americans in Puerto Rico still dealing with the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.

With Hurricane Season Looming, Trump Is Blocking Relief Funds & Mocking Puerto Rico – On Monday, he tweeted that the island’s residents "should be very happy." Trump ( ) submitted 1 hour ago by anutensil to r/worldnews

"I love your signs – that’s great! Vote early, Florida!" Clinton said to cheers. As she did on Tuesday, Clinton hit hard at Trump in her first stop on Wednesday, mocking his knowledge of U.S. history.

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